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If you miss a session, you may find its recording at the DecisionCAMP YouTube’s channel. All times are CET (Central European Time is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time)

Day 1: Monday June 29, 2020 starts at 16:30 CET = 10:30a EST

Start End Presentation Title Presenters
15:30 CET 16:00 Keynote: “Knowledge Graphs: Methodologies, Tools, and Selected Use Cases” Dieter Fenzel, Prof at University of Innsbruck, Austria  
16:00 16:30 Keynote: “Requirements as Rules” Arild Waller, Professor at University of Oslo

16:35 CET

16:45 DecisionCAMP Kickoff Dr. Jacob Feldman,  DecisionCAMP Chair 
16:45 17:15 Decision model as template: using DMN to constrain the configurability of a domain of decision logic Dr. Alan Fish, FICO
17:20 17:50 Ruleflow or Decision Model? Why not both? Guilhem Molines and Kayla Martens, IBM
17:55 18:25 Thinking inside the box – Introducing new boxed expressions to DMN Denis Gagne, Trisotech
18:30 18:45 Break  
18:45 19:15 Discovering Decision Models in Legacy Code Larry Goldberg, Sapiens
19:20 19:50 Artificial Intelligence needs explanation Silvie Spreeuwenberg,  librt
19:55 20:25 Making Executable DMN Modeling More Business-Friendly Bruce Silver, Method and Style, Matteo Mortari, Red Hat
20:30 21:15 Interactive Discussion “Ask a Practitioner”

Bob More
Brian Stucky
James Taylor
Mark Woods
Carole-Ann Berlioz
Jan Purchase

Day 2: Tuesday June 30, 2020 starts at 15:30 CET = 9:30a EST

Start End Presentation Title Presenters
15:30 CET 16:00 Keynote: “What The Real World Needs From Decision Management, Reasoning and AI” Derek Miers, Sr. Director at Gartner, United Kingdom 
16:05 CET 16:35 A Decision Framework for Machine Learning Brian Stucky, Quicken Loans
16:40 17:10 Automated Decision Making from A to Z Prof. Jan Vanthienen, Vedavyas Etikala, KU Leuven
17:15 17:45 Developing Decision Optimization Microservices for real-world decision-making application Dr. Jacob Feldman, OpenRules
17:50 18:05 Break  
18:05 18:35 Good beginnings Chris Berg, inrule
18:40 19:10 cDMN: Combining DMN with Constraint Reasoning Simon Vandevelde, Bram Aerts and Joost Vennekens, KU Leuven
19:15 20:00 Interactive Discussion “Ask a Vendor” IBM
Sparkling Logic
Red Hat

Day 3: Wednesday July 1, 2020 starts at 16:30 CET = 10:30a EST

Start End Presentation Title Presenters
16:30 17:00 How End to End Decision Automation Increases Business Agility Arash Aghlara, FlexRule
17:05 17:35 Modeling Insurance Products with DMN Wilfried Kurth, AXA CH
17:40 18:10 Decision Requirements Level: The real key feature of DMN Daniel Schmitz-Hübsch, Materna
18:15 18:30 Break  
18:30 19:00 Visualization of DMN models using Design Structure Matrices  Dario Campagna, Carlos Kavka, Sara Nicastro and Alessandro Turco,  ESTECO SpA
19:05 19:35 Creating executable decision service designs using DMN and Excel Workbook Gediminas Vedrickas, FICO
19:40 20:10 The Triple Crown in Practice Dennis Aarts, The Business Analysts
20:10 20:20

Closing Remarks,
DecisionCAMP-2021 Announcement 

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